(2016, unrealized)
125 feet X 125 feet

900 powder-coated and folded stainless steel discs, mounted onto grid wire

For 33 HIGH STREET, A biomedical research facility designed for the Buffalo/Niagara Medical Campus

In collaboration with CannonDesign:
Mike TunkeyPrincipal
Sebastian Martelloto, Design Leader

Roughly, on average, subject to geographical location and biological gender, a current human passenger on the planet Earth can expect to encounter seventy-two circuits around the sun. In seventy-two years, we will look up into the night sky and spy our lunar companion’s full and glowing face nine hundred times, and toward the upper reaches of that number, begin to wonder how many more moments we will enjoy glimpsing her wax and wane.

Medicine exists to address this wistful question: physicians stubbornly wooing longevity in hopes of extending life’s arc and expanding its orbit. They know, and we know, we are satellites all, bound to cycles of celestial time, measured in summers and counted in moons.

And nine hundred moons are simply not enough.

All images courtesy of CannonDesign