DAMAGE SERIES (2009 — 2010)

DAMAGE VI (2012)
Archival lenticular pigment print, polycarbonate, aluminum, LED lights
Collection of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery

A meditation on race, privilege, perception, and the currency of appearance.

In human interaction, the face is that by which we are first judged, and it bears the burden of its role as mediator, messenger and marquee. Each alternating image is derived from the exact same photograph, shifting from one spectral representation to the other as you shift position in relation to the piece. The technique is an appropriation of the technology employed by dermatological photography to render diagnostic images of the skin using a narrow spectrum of light. The camera sees what the eye cannot.

No substances have been applied to the skin, these images are not “retouched” in any way, and the artist/sitter is caucasian.